Fuel Policies

You may think there is two clear choices in terms of car hire at Faro airport but in reality there are three types of policies. That said all three can be clearly defined into two types – those who want you to bring the car back with the same amount of fuel as when you pick it up and suppliers who look for you to purchase a tank of fuel and bring it back as empty as possible.


I say this as a couple of suppliers ask you to just return it with the amount of fuel as shown on the rental agreement hen you drop it off. This could be full to full but also half tank to half etc, depending on what the last customer dropped it off with. Traditionally though the most prevalent policy is full to full with penalties for any fuel missing when you check the car in at the end of your rental.


With it’s origin on the Costas of Spain the full to empty idea for car hire suppliers has in truth been controversial since the beginning. Mostly due to customers feeling that they have lost money when returning cars with fuel remaining for which they got no refund. When you think about it, this problem will only get worse as cars get more and more fuel efficient. Especially shorter rentals give customers the realisation that it would be near impossible to use a full tank although in fairness to the suppliers most do not operate full to empty policies on rentals shorter than three days.


Customers have also complained of a “premium” charged for the tank of fuel and in defence the suppliers argue this is the additional cost of filling the cars on their return.


At car hire Faro airport we have a full list of full to empty fuel policy suppliers and of course vice versa with a full list of full to full fuel suppliers. So simply view the supplier listings but also check the terms and conditions when booking and make the right overall choice for your car hire needs.