Automatic Car Hire Faro Airport Guide

Book early – every newsletter asks you to do it and every company pushes you towards it. With automatic car hire at Faro airport though you should really book as early as possible to avoid disappointment and the fact you must take a manual car you are just not comfortable driving. Automatic rental cars equate to less than 7% of the car hire fleets at Faro airport and significantly lower at city or local car rental locations. If you don’t book early then you may be looking at crunching gears in a manual.


If your automatic car hire request is turned down think outside the box before taking the manual alternative. You get a phone call or email from your chosen car hire broker or company and there is no automatic car available in your car class. Well is it a seven seat MPV or similar? Consider two smaller automatic cars, the price can be similar. No automatic cars available, is there other locations around with cars? Could you get to another car hire location or upgrade to a higher car hire class? Talk it over with the broker or supplier, try other suppliers on car hire Faro airport and make sure you can’t get that automatic car before you start considering a manual alternative.


When picking up the car make sure you take some time to get familiar with the controls. Automatic cars have very different operating systems across not only makes but also models within a manufacturers model range. Tip-tronic controls and semi-automatic gearboxes with manual control options can be very different to the standard automatic you have at home. The supplier staff are there to help, make sure you get some help if you are confused. Burning out a gearbox driving down the motorway in first gear on a semi-automatic tip-tronic gearbox will be viewed as your liability. The cost of said gearbox to be replaced will be eye watering for you.


When choosing your car get the right fuel policy for you. In Portugal you will see the rise of the pick up full return empty fuel policies. These are not ideal for shorter rentals or rentals where the customer will not be driving much. It really narks you when returning half a tank of fuel that you paid 50 Euro for with no refund available for it. It is worth paying that few extra quid at the time of booking to get a supplier with a full to full fuel policy. Check out the terms and conditions of each offering at the time of booking carefully to get the right supplier for your needs. You can also see the individual supplier on car hire Faro airport, just check out our fuel policies page.