7 Seater

Seven seater cars are available at Faro airport and you can choose this type of hire car through the filter on the booking engine. Consider the needs of your party and even compare the cost of a seven seater car against two smaller compact or economy cars to get the best deal for your trip. Also the car shown is an example and you may get a different make of model but the capacity in terms of passengers accommodated is guaranteed. If the example car shown has seven seats then the car will carry that amount of passengers safely and comfortably.

The people carrier search filter will also show lower and higher capacity cars from five to nine person cars so do check the icon for the true capacity of the car. If you do have only seven passengers for the trip but large amounts of luggage and golf or sports equipment, consider the nine seater vans as a better options than a crammed full seven seat model. understandably the Portuguese police would stop a vehicle where the number of passengers and luggage compromise vision or the safety of the driver, passengers and other road users.

There are diesel cars available in the seven seat range and also bear in mind that some of the nine seat vans like the Ford Transit do not guarantee air conditioning so again factor this into your decision. Like the passenger capacity, the transmission, fuel type and air conditioning availability is guaranteed if it is shown on the car hire booking process.