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Car Hire Faro AirportWelcome to Car Hire Faro airport where you’ll find information, reviews and advice for hiring a car at Faro Airport. We publish real reviews and information about the suppliers operating car rental fleets.

Each supplier gives information about pick up locations and what you can expect when you book your car hire.

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The car hire Faro airport website was built in relation to the varied and sometimes confusing transportation options available at Faro airport. With no train options and the airport being the main gateway to the entire Algarve and beyond, taxis can be an expensive option. Especially when you consider the competition available at Faro airport with over thirty car hire companies operating at and around the airport giving exceptional value for renting a car to get you away from the airport and the freedom of travelling during your stay.

At Faro airport you will find everything from car hire giants like Europcar and Sixt to smaller local family companies and every car hire operation found in between. Although there is a designated car hire “village” there are also operators offering delivery services to the airport, rental companies working from a car hire office in car park P04 as well as others who offer a meet and greet with a shuttle to their car hire depots found minutes from the airport.

The aim of car hire Faro airport is to offer you the ability to review the car hire options available, check real user review and compare car hire operators and brokers to get the best deal to get you from Faro airport to your leisure or business destination.

When choosing a car hire supplier at Faro airport there are a number of factors to consider and you should always check the terms and conditions of the cars offered carefully.

Our car hire supplier pages which you can access to the right offer some background on the supplier as well as the location and the fuel policy offered. Full to empty fuel policies will not suit short duration rentals so please choose the right option for you. Location may be important to you too with larger companies tending to operate from the car hire “village” with cheaper smaller operators generally offering car hire services from car park P04 or shuttle / meet and greet.

Driving on the Algarve – Toll roads, costs and payment options.

The A22 is the main artery for the Algarve, like a spine it comes right from the Spanish border to the East, where East of the border it is the A49 (read about travelling into Spain) all the way to the North-West of Portamao where it joins the N120 which heads North. Along the way it incorporates many unmanned automatic number plate detection tolls which collate the information of the car and the charges levied against it. The fees are displayed before entering the toll and are normally as little as €1.00 but these can add up when frequently travelled and need to be paid within five days or fines can be applied to the vehicle owner (the car rental company). Ask at the car rental company desk for payment options as they may be able to take care of them for you for an administration fee. If you prefer though you can pay at selected payment locations such as newsagents, post offices and supermarkets with receipts given should you require them.

It is possible to avoid tolls completely by avoiding the motorway but as this option is popular with the local populace you may find traffic quite heavy especially in and around the main towns and cities.

So the key points are:

  • For locals they use a transponder which automatically deducts the toll cost from their bank account.
  • Some car hire companies offer prepaid and post pay transponders but not all so please ask at the desk.
  • If you travel through a toll without a transponder your car registration and details will be logged.
  • You can then pay at a post office or pay point after 48 hours of incurring the fee (so the system processes the journey).
  • You must pay the toll within five days of travelling through the toll or fines will be incurred.

Cars Available At Faro Airport

With many car hire suppliers available and Faro airport being a major air hub serving the entire Algarve region and beyond, there are large car hire fleets servicing the airport. With this in mind not only can you expect fierce choice leading to excellent pricing but also a good opportunity for you to get the right type of vehicle for you and your party’s needs. With many golf courses and sporting activities at your disposal, you may need estate cars to fit in the extra luggage or golfing and water sports equipment. Seven seater or higher capacity cars and vans for larger families or groups are available as well automatic car hire for those of us who prefer or can only drive those type of transmissions. Finally for those renters that would like a diesel engine car hire for either emission, fuel economy or just plain personal preference, you can find these clearly marked within the car hire search. So take some time to look through the cars available or use the drop down menu to filter out what you need for your journey. Remember though that although there are a large fleets at Faro airport, specialist cars like diesels or people carriers are the minority of any car hire supplier’s inventory so do try to book early. Also factor in and consider that due to the higher cost of these vehicles and availability of the cars, they will be more expensive than the smaller or petrol versions available at Faro airport.

Car Hire Insurance And Excesses

So you hire a car and have an accident which is not your fault or your car is broken into while you shop, again not your fault. So you surely won’t be liable for any of the costs of repair for such incidents? Unfortunately not , like with many insurances there is excess amounts in place, so if the car has an excess for theft of €350, your car is broken into and the repairs cost €500 then the excess of €350 will automatically be taken from your credit card used to release the vehicle at pick up.

This is not always the case as excess amounts fluctuate depending on may different factors such as the car rental company internal policies, value of the car, size of the car and even the transmission or fuel types.

Take some time to read the terms and conditions when choosing the right hire car for you at Faro airport. Also read about our refundable excess insurance available process. This relatively new product insures you and not the car. If anything is deducted from your credit card for excess amounts then simply get a claim form, fill it in and send it for processing with any documentation given to you relating to the incident for which the excess was removed. This also gives you additional benefits not normally covered by car hire companies such as key cover for loss or damager to the keys.

Additional insurances are offered by all the car hire companies and can be expensive. They will be offered to you and as they are a lucrative revenue stream for the car rental supplier they can be pushed quite hard in some cases. If you don’t want the insurances (many people happily drive with excess amounts in place) or have purchased the refundable excess insurance then be firm and say no to any other insurances offered. All cars featured on car hire Faro airport are fully inclusive meaning you don’t have to pay anything extra to pick the car up from the price you booked it at.

People Carriers

We offer multiple suppliers and brokers, featuring their entire inventories of vehicles from your to choose from. If your party is large then you may want to choose a people carrier like a seven seater up to a nine seater vehicle but there is a couple of points to remember. When choosing a larger capacity vehicle book early as the number available across the fleets is limited and they can be in high demand especially in high season. Secondly consider luggage capacity as well as passenger capacity. A seven seat car does not have a high luggage capacity when you have the full seven persons in the car, luggage racks are not available and the Portuguese police will stop any unsafely loaded cars leaving your luggage and passengers by the side of the road while you take the rest to your destination along with a ticket and fine.

If you are unlucky enough to get a seven seat car or have a large amount of luggage consider either upgrading to a nine seat van or if you have two drivers look at two vehicles like a compact saloon and an intermediate estate. You may be surprised to find that two cars are cheaper than one people carrier and afford you more freedom on your holiday.

Further Information

We have a host of pages with information on suppliers and car hire Faro airport. Please also check our commonly asked questions for further information on renting at the airport.