Spanish supplier with thirty two locations in Spain and her islands, four airport locations in Italy and three airport locations in Portugal. Originally known as Europa Rent A Car they have been in business since opening their first office in 1985 with the opening of the Faro Airport office in 2011 after the acquisition of competitor Auriga Crown. Please note the car is only allowed to travel within Portugal. To travel to Spain you are only allowed to go to and within the autonomous community of Andalusia, for which it is necessary to hire an additional cross border insurance, paid locally at the time of pick up. The cost of this travel insurance is €8.50 per rental day, with a minimum charge of €22.00 and a maximum of €66.00.

Pick Up Location

In the main car hire “village” just a short walk from the Terminal with all cars on site. Please see our car hire village guide for more information.

Fuel Policy

Goldcar was one of the pioneers of the full to empty fuel system for rentals over three days. You will not be compensated for any fuel remaining in the tank when you return the vehicle is the rental length is over three days, if the duration is equal to or less than three days other fuelling options will be made available to you.


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“Car was ready upon arrival Brand new car, excellent condition Was not given the option of – Fuel Policy “C” where it states I can return the car with a full tank of fuel. I had to pay for a full tank, and was told to return the car with an “empty as possible” tank, this was near impossible in 5 1/2 days with a small diesel engine, unless I drove the car extensively, I used half a tank, so in effect I lost half a tank upon return. I was not satisfied with that element of the service at all. I look forward to hearing your response. Nicholas Harvey”
Nicholas Harvey, 9th April 2013

Car Hire Faro Airport responds: All fuel policies are detailed within the terms and conditions of each supplier and broker shown in the booking process. This should be a key consideration especially on shorter rentals which in most circumstances will not suit a full to empty fuel option

“On arrival at the car hire desk we presented our documents and booking form including insurance we purchased through your site. We were told that this was inadequate and would need to leave a 900euro deposite or we could not have the car. (however if we purchased inurance through the car hire desk at a price of 75 euros we could have the vehicle. We were reluctant to give a 900 euro bond so we opted for the extra insurance .Which left us feeling a little cheated. Also they have a little trick where they provide you with a full tank of fuel which you have to pay for. You will not be refunded for any fuel you do not use. The vehicle itself was in very good condition and the staff were courteous although a little slow.”
M Small, 9th April 2013

Car Hire Faro Airport responds: The insurance offered through the booking process is a refundable excess insurance which covers you and not the car and thus has no relation to the car hire company at all. Leaving a blocked deposit on your credit card is standard practice in the car hire industry. It is only blocked and not removed from the card and again as standard this can be lowered by purchase of the supplier insurance packages. That said if you had purchased the refundable insurance then were fully covered and had no need for any additional insurances. Many supplier operate full to empty fuel options and if this is something a user is not comfortable with they should check the terms and conditions for a full to full tank supplier before booking.

“Easy transaction and very competitive price. Very good car. Will book again with company. Thanks.”
N Engel, 14th April 2013

“Excellent vehicle, great value, no problems, a bit slow to take the paper-work back on the return of the vehicle, luckily I had time to spare before my flight. I recommend a special counter for vehicle returns.”
D K, 5th June 2013

“It took to long at the airport to go trough the collection process and all the staff seemed to want to do was sell you there extra insurance policy I would not use gold car company next time I go to faro”
Geoff Snook, 5th June 2013

“Autoeurope partner is Questor insurance company and actual provider of vehicles was Goldcar. I had big problem with Goldcar. They rented car over 20 damage places or scratches. Weren’t possible to check all well. When I returned that car, they check auto and found “new” scratch and they said that Questor insurance company certificate not valid for Goldcar company. I must pay over 200 Eur. I was my first time when I had contact with car rental company…it was terrible. I think Autoeurope should to narrowly choose partners. Next time I prefer contact by others cars rent companies.”
Vytautas, 10th July 2013

Car Hire Faro Airport responds: The additional insurance through Questor is a refundable insurance. So Goldcar would take the excess for the damage and on your return you would obtain a claim form from Questor and proceed to claim the expenditure back. See your policy documents emailed to you when you booked with Questor.

“The provider was Goldcar and the waiting time to process the booking and collect the car was unacceptable and i will not use Gold car again.”
LIZ SCOTT, 10th July 2013

Car Hire Faro Airport responds: We are sorry to hear of the delay. Waiting times can be longer than usual in the peak season but we have passed on your comments to the car hire broker you booked with.

“As a broker Argus were pretty transparent; is that what a good broker should be? The car hire was done by Gold Car. They stung me for 90 Euro for “get car full of fuel and return it empty”. It was the most expensive 40 litres of fuel I ever bought, and it wasn’t negotiable, according to the girl at the desk. I thought this policy from Gold Car hire was pretty sneaky, and I would not use them again. I would equally be very hesitant to use Argus Car Hire as they brokered for Gold Car.”
AM, 9th October 2013

Car Hire Faro Airport responds: All fuel policies are detailed within the terms and conditions of each supplier and broker shown in the booking process. This should be a key consideration when booking a hire car. The cost of the tank of fuel supposedly includes a “filling charge” as well as tax as they are reselling the fuel.

“When I collected the vehicle from GOLDCAR at Faro Airport it had not been cleaned and it had many scratches and paint damage which we had to point out in the car pound after dark! To add insult to injury we were unaware of the fuel policy which required us to purchase a full tank of diesel at 115 Euros when we only required the car for less than 50 miles and returned it to Goldcar with virtually a full tank! I was asked to report this to their Customer Service department which I did and was told I had signed the agreement and they were unable to refund the unused fuel. I travel to Portugal quite regularly but will not use GOLDCAR again.”
C.J.H, 12th October 2013

Car Hire Faro Airport responds: All fuel policies are detailed within the terms and conditions and this should be carefully looked at especially for short duration or small use rentals. The condition of the car is disappointing.

“The car was a new Audi A3 estate (car asked for Ford Focus estate) nice car but not much room I had to use the rear seat, Staff very professional and courteous, quick exchange. Petrol tank was full and had to be returned empty, I would have preferred full tank with full tank on return to save money on fuel, I only used half a tank but had to pay for a full one. I hired a car from and took their insurance which seemed a good price only to find out it didn’t cover everything so I needed to pay for the insurance again. so get your insurance when you get there.”
Scott, 20th July 2014

Car Hire Faro Airport responds: Car rental companies will always try to sell you their insurance packages when you pick up a vehicle. If you take refundable excess insurance through our booking process or subsequently through the broker you booked with you do not need any additional insurance at pick up. It seems in this case you had double insurance, one of which was not required.

“Car hire always seems cheap when not considering the hidden charges. We had to pay 130 Euros for their full insurance and if we didn’t we had to leave 900 Euros in a deposit. Reluctantly we opted for the full insurance. Then we had to pay 90 Euros for the full tank of fuel, however this company unlike any others will reimburse you the difference on return (to the nearest marker on the fuel gauge) Apart from that the cars where great and we had no problems with returning the vehicle. Overall great service compared to other hire companies. Tips? Plan for the additional charges and if using motorways there is generally a fee to activate the transponder for the motorways 13 euros it cost us.”
Sam Hickson, 23rd July 2013

“I wasn’t sure if there should be another section on the print outs sent to me and at the office in Portugal they couldn’t find my name initially, and then I worried that I needed to print off another section although the invoice said no voucher. It wasn’t clear whether this meant this isn’t the voucher or no voucher needed. I called to find out if I could pick up the car without a credit card and this problem was dealt with promptly. I also called as it was unclear whether pick up was at the airport or in Faro itself. The car was in good condition and the car was ready for us but we had an hour wait in the queue on arrival and they couldn’t find my name on the system but otherwise very good with an easy drop off too.”
Francesca Debney, 26th July 2014

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